should i keep aquila or put worth brown on my new pocket uke?


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Jan 4, 2011
just picked up one of those Tom pocket ukes and so far it's exactly what i've been wanting. However, it came with aquilas stock. I've never been an aquila fan and usually switch to clear or brown fluorocarbon.

However, whats your opinion on a pocket uke uke, and whether switching the browns might bring out a bad side that the aquilas hide?

I would like a little more mellow sound, but maybe the pop does some good after all.

any experience?

Hippie Dribble

I would say a set of clear fluorocarbons would sound best. Either worth clears, southcoasts or living water.

I don't think browns are right for sopranino scale. It will make it quieter and less resonant. You want it to be bright and punchy with as much projection and sustain as possible. Put some clear fluorocarbons on and tune it up to Eb or F. Just my 2c. Have fun with your new uke!