SOLD!!! FS: Most Of My Ukes for $150


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Mar 16, 2021
Hello all,

Why am I selling most of my ukes for a total of $150? The only true answer is that I bought a different uke for $200 last night, and I am just trying to make up the cost.

I do not need 5 ukuleles right now. When I sell these, and my new one arrives, I will have one electric tenor for life performances and one long scale soprano for home. I love all these instruments, there’s nothing wrong with them, I just don’t need them and would prefer the $150 to use on my family instead.

We have some mostly beginner ukes here that would make nice gifts. One of these ukes in an Enya Nova U Pro. It is not the electric version. The larger is a cheap Vizcaya baritone I got off Amazon for $50. The smallest is a Cordoba Protege UM-1 which retails about $80. As most know, the Enya Nova U Pro goes around $130.

So for $150, they are all yours my friend. I did a quote on how much it would cost to ship a single box with 3 of these inside of it, I’m guessing it would be like 10lbs, and it looked like under $50 to get it across the country CONUS. So I’ll pay up to $50 of the shipping. So the $150 you pay includes 3 ukuleles and $50 of the shipping cost anywhere CONUS. If the total cost of shipping is more than $50, I ask you pay the difference (if it’s $60, you give me $10 of the shipping cost).

My total new uke cost with shipping was like $191. Just trying to make it up, I’ll take a hit on the shipping and the ukes, at this point. I don’t play them, and I’d like you to play them.

Each of the ukes comes with a soft case. The bari and concert are re-entrant. The bari is strung High D. The tenor is Low G. They all have uke logics except the concert which has martins.


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Jun 23, 2022
I'll send the main payment, if there is any shipping above $50, I can send that separately. Is that OK?