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Apr 15, 2008
Ric's Free Streaming TV Guide, Ric Douglas, 4/25/2020

Well over a decade ago, my wife and I were paying over $300 per month for cable and satellite. We were forced to subscribe to everything to get her shows and news from the Philippines, along with the variety of content we both like. It was basically 3 channels for her and 10 channels for both of us that were bundled with hundreds of other channels we were forced to pay for, but never watched. We played around with FaceBook, Google and bought the original Roku OTT (On The Top, of the TV) set top box. After a month of experimenting, we turned in all of our cable gear and canceled both cable and satellite services. We owned our Dish Network receiver and dish antenna, so we just ended the contract. I'm currently researching OTA (Over The Air antenna digital TV options for our location. Since we have not done that, yet, this guide will be strictly about streaming free TV.

First, a sufficient internet service is a requirement. The ability to set the resolution on your TV's and devices to 1080, 720 or 480 megapixels will help prevent you from going over your internet provider's data cap which can cause your internet prices to soar up rapidly. 5G wireless service will soon enter the market as an internet provider competitor. You will need at least 5 Mbps to stream live on each device or TV.

Do not let anyone try to convince you you need to pay anything above the price of your internet service, as that as simply false. Here's my experience based on fact (I am paid by no one to watch or report on watching TV on the internet)

As a true cord cutter for over a decade, there are too many sources of free TV and entertainment and day/week old shows. Many people use Amazon Prime for purchases and shipping. This comes with Amazon Prime Video. If one does not have Amazon Prime, the same video is free, with ads, on a desktop or laptop, with IMDB.
I use Sprint, which comes with complimentary Hulu basic, for day after TV shows.

Pluto TV,



Airy TV and

Bumblebee TV bring you hundreds of channels, along with live network news, to watch 24/7.

Vuuzle TV

Zennither TV

Local Now brings you weather, news TV and movies. It can currently be only viewed on a smartphone, or tablet using Android or iOS platforms.

Vudu has a lot of free TV and movies. You don't have to use there pay sections.

NewsOn brings you your local news casts. Online, or Android or iOS app.

It is only available on Android and iOS and can be cast
NBC has recent aired NBC shows.

ABC has recently aired ABC shows. Stream and cast from Android and iOS:

The CW has recently aired CW shows.

CW Seed has recent and past aired CW shows.

Sony Crackle is similar to Netflix and has content from Sony.

Tubi has a huge library of on demand video content.

FilmRise has a large library of film & TV. Watch on FaceBook online, Android or iOS apps.

Shout Factory TV & movies online, or Android & iOS apps.

SnagFilms brings you a lot of movies, TV, music and documentaries.

Top Documentary Films has a large library of documentaries.

Victor Valley TV streams its 4 channels live , including the Retro TV channel.

Plymouth Rock TV live and on demand shows from New England.

RedBox now has a free live streaming channel.

TVS Television Network launches free streaming with multiple channels!

Comet TV is a SciFi network.

DABL TV is a free lifestyle network.

Charge TV extreme action.

Starlite TV on demand.

Court TV App and online has 24/7 court procedings.

Rev'n is a 24/7 automotive performance channel:

KWCX TV app is a My Network TV affiliate.

Telemundo 20 app has on demand Spanish language video content from Mexico.

MeTV On Demand app shows of Chicago's MeTV channel Android & iOS.
Light TV app is a 24/7 streaming channel.

Bounce TV app has on demand shows from their network.

Heartland Country Music 24/7 country music videos web, Android & iOS.

Hawai'i International Film Festival has short films streaming online.

CBS Sports app has 24/7 sports updates on Android & iOS.

One can stream live sports on a on Android or iOS on the Yahoo Sports app.

One can also stream live sports on Android or iOS using the Fox Sports app.
Live music, news, sports, podcasts and other entertainment from all regions can be heard on the free ad supported version of iHeart Radio online, Android & iOS.

Don't forget traditional AM, FM, shortwave and weather radio. Over the air TV using an antenna is free and available in many regions. Use antennaweb and TVFool to see what's available in your area and what kind of antenna you'll need. Cable companies are pushing back, against cord cutters. The newer generation consists of cord nevers, who have no cable or TV and watch everything on their smartphones and tablets. Yes, you'll need internet service to do just about anything now days. With T-Mobile's 5G, high speed home internet will soon be available in over 90% of rural areas.

There are tens of thousands of eBooks for download on Many Books for free.


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Jul 6, 2021
Thank you Ric! Great guideline! Very neat and useful information. To supplement your list, I can suggest a source I use to watch sport streams - it is Crackstreams. The one is a clone of the original site that was shut down several years ago. Here it is - It's also totally free, you even don't need to have an account. I think it can be a resonable addition to your list.
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May 1, 2019
Definitely a BIG thank you

Just bought (curbside pickup) a Roku Ultra. (Less than 24 hours ago)
A friend talks of YouTube TV which costs but has a lot, lot, lot of premium.
But trying to reduce those fees.
two big questions:
How does one remember which service has which stations?
Local news and stations- Locast provides, but is a subscription
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