Syn Radio tonight!


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Sep 26, 2008
it's fairly short notice, and don't expect anybody to really tune in..
BUT.. a friend of mine is hosting a radio show as i type this.. "Leon and Thomas's 24hour Christmas Extravaganza"..

they'r bassicaly having a x-mas special on our city's community radio station, SYN fm (Student Youth Network), but the thing is, these two guys are trying to stay on air for a whole 24 hours!.. i've been listening for 10 and a half hours now, and they seem to b getting a bit tired :p

ANYWAY!.. to the point!.. they complained about not having any food, so i told them i'd bring them dinner, and on air they asked if i could bring my Uke along and perhaps play a x-mas carol on air while i'm there!

now since i've only just really started using this forum, and it's helped me in so many ways, and everybody is so kind and great!.. i'm going to have a special shout out to the UU community!.. it's the least i could do!

here is a link to the facebook page

and if u want to listen, it is streaming right now through the station's website.. i'll b on and shouting out to UU around about 6pm here (it's 10:30am atm)... i don't exactly know what the time will b where u all will b.. sorry
but if it helps u work it out, it's from Melbourne, Australia

here is the link to the station's website.. just click on "stream syn now" on the top right corner

i'm not sure if i should have posted this here, or in gigs and shows.. sorry if i've messed anything up :(

anyway, thnx for everything people! and happy holidays!
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