Tenor Uke Strings - SOLD


Aug 16, 2011
I have a pile of tenor uke strings that I will never use and would like to sell as a package deal. I would prefer to ship them all together than to have to mail a bunch of individual sets out so I do not plan to break them out for sale separately. There are 24 full sets and some loose individual strings. All are high g except for one Aquila low G set. I did my best to list everything below but please ask if you have questions.

Full Sets
Worth Clear CT x 2
Worth Clear CT-LG x 1
Worth Clear CM x 1
D'Addario J65 x 1
Aaron C. Signature set x 1
Fremont Blackline x 3
Aquila Red Series x 1
Aquila Bionylon x 1
Aquila New Nylgut x 2
Aquila New Nylgut LOW G x 1
Ko'olau Gold x 2
Southcoast Cuatro string set x 1 (for higher tuning)
Southcoast Light gauge x 1 (lighter tension but still sounds full and bright on a tenor)
Southcoast Light gauge linear set x 1 (similar to the low tension strings but slightly higher tension overall)
La Bella x 2 - made up of loose strings (.029, .040, .032, .026)
Savarez Alliance x 3 - set made up of loose strings

Single Strings
La Bella Loose - .029, .033, .039(x2) and a partial tenor uke set missing the 4th string
D'Addario Loose - titanium trebles in hard tension: .028(x2); .032(x2); .041(x2) Extra hard tension: .029(x2); .033(x1); .042(x1)
Southcoast Loose - MU-NW 2nd string (x1) and MU-NW 3rd string (x1)
Worth Loose - CT set missing the 4th string


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