Vintage Slingerland-Built Small-Pot Banjo Uke (High Quality)

Tommy B

Apr 30, 2009
I'm selling off the remainder of my vintage ukulele collection, due to some life changes and new musical interests. Offered here is a sweet little vintage banjo ukulele built by Slingerland and branded under the Concertone name. This banjo features a 7-inch head, which IMO makes it a little brighter and snappier than most vintage banjos I've owned, and yet little a little less toy-like than the 6-inch Gibson UB-1. It is all-original and in great condition. This is a blast to play!

Photos of this banjo are here:

The price is $145 plus insured shipping, payable by PayPal and only to be shipped to a verified PayPal address. Sorry, there is no case for this, but it will be double-boxed for safe shipping. Please message me with any questions, and thanks for looking!