WTB: anuenue mm2 or cocobolo concert


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Oct 10, 2015
Not selling, but I wish you luck finding these ukuleles!

I believe I have only once seen a Cocobolo uke for sale on here, and that was from someone who had two in the household.

On my collection of ukuleles, which counts "only" six ukes, I happen to have both a Cocobolo concert and an Anuenue MM uke. Only my Anuenue is the AMM3, tenor.
If the concert is like the tenor, they are two very different ukes.
I will describe the Cocobolo sound as warm, dry, responsive and loud. Perhaps the side sound port make it appear louder to me.
The anuenue is beatifully reverberant. The body resonnating makes me think of the qualities of a piano, weird enough. For this to come to it's right, it needs a bit of time to respond to the notes. Hence for quicker strumming you will not get the full sound, it is best for fingerpicking, arpeggios, or chords you let ring out. The concert might differ from the tenor.

Of the two, the Cocobolo was the one that sweeped me off my feet when I started playing it, and seems to have cured my UAS. I have had a lot of positive feedback on playing the Anuenue though. I suggest you try signing up for the Cocobolo "lottery", toy might get a chance to buy a new one before someone wants to sell one.
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