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Hi Griff? You did real well with your water theme last week, and I indicated I would also support you. So today I have donated AU$100 to WaterAid in the name of my daughter Antonia.
Its great when we can put our love of ukulele to support worthwhile causes, all the best



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Thanks so much Paul - both for your excellent musical contribution to the Season and your generous donation to a brilliant cause! :)
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What you say about your deleted sale posting is all true and you should have been notified as to why it was deleted. I am not a moderator and have no input into decisions made by the good people that run this forum.
That said, my read on this is that you were somewhat harsh with some of your responses and the whole thing started to spiral out of control.
Please try to be nicer. This forum has a long history of people treating each other with kindness and respect.