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If interested in this hand made Italian uke, let me know. Price will be lower, likely $475.

Hi All, Life is worth living , UU has rescued me in the past, and here I go again, still play my uke but not as often as in the past, Local jams kept me going until COVID pulled that plug. Hope all you guys and gals are safe and well, I am now a couple of months from 80 and I can't believe it. Still need the sound. nothing is as relaxing as a strummed Uke. See my posting.
I am having a hard time loving my pono mbd. A lot of buzzing when I strum, and it constantly goes out of tune. I’ve had it for one year now. Any suggestions to sweeten the sound? What are your favorite strings for your pono mbd?
Old guitar/bass player from the 60's. Built basses and guitar set ups. I like revamping old guitars into something unique and artistic. Also learning the mandolin
A soprano ukulele can be setup, using nylon strings, for GDAE with the same tuning as a mandolin. They are very close to the same scale length.
I was in the process of getting my mandolin in the best action position then going to look for info on my SS Stewart taropatch but someone decided to hack off my catalytic converter on my new Mitsubishi so I haven't done much but talk to insurance people. Just taking a peek here before bed. Stressful couple days