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Here's Brian's (Pabrizzer) Self Defense that you missed on Saturday Voran. Hope you get well soon.
Not sure I agree with the lyrics, but it's a gorgeous catchy tune!
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Hi Griff? You did real well with your water theme last week, and I indicated I would also support you. So today I have donated AU$100 to WaterAid in the name of my daughter Antonia.
Its great when we can put our love of ukulele to support worthwhile causes, all the best



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Thanks so much Paul - both for your excellent musical contribution to the Season and your generous donation to a brilliant cause! :)
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What you say about your deleted sale posting is all true and you should have been notified as to why it was deleted. I am not a moderator and have no input into decisions made by the good people that run this forum.
That said, my read on this is that you were somewhat harsh with some of your responses and the whole thing started to spiral out of control.
Please try to be nicer. This forum has a long history of people treating each other with kindness and respect.
Hello Guys :
My name is Jeff. I am living in The Netherlands and I am 74 years old.

Up to 2003 I was a lefthanded guitar player. I had an accident and broke 2 fingers and could not play anymore.
Then I started to learn arranger keyboard.

I herewith like to thank you in advance for all your help and support if possible.

Best wishes, Jeff
To be professional musician means to earn your daily bread with music income. It doesn't mean to have a great skills. It is profession, not skills.
I have 37 ukuleles that I made over 32 years. I don't know how to sell them and many of the ukuleles I made were given away to people that would use them so that they would learn how to use them. I only make Tenors and some concerts.
You can sell them in the Marketplace here, or on Fleamarket Music. I guess start by taking photos and settling on prices. Since you have so many, start by listing one and see how it goes. You'll learn as you go along. Good luck!
part 5
I would send you a small sample of my XS Soprano, but apparently it's not an accepted file format...

Looking forward to hearing from you
Cheers :)

part 4
This would be a long conversation and I'm trying to keep it short, but I wanted to ask what has been your experience with the Clara so far? have you taken it rafting often? any issues?

I do love how it sounds and the fact that it is practically weather proof is a big advantage for me (always around water and boats) but the price and impossibility of repairing it have kept me away from getting one...
The Clara has a very nice sound. Very sturdy, but because of it being a high end uke, I do try to take extra care of it outdoors. I have taken it on several kayak/raft trips and had no problems. I'm extra careful that in how I pack it on the raft and in the kayak. I make sure nothing heavy gets put on top of it. It's in a padded case, inside a dry bag, and inside my touring kayak, or inside a dry box on the raft.
thank you for the input.
much appreciated :)
part 3
For a while I considered the Clara (I'm probably still considering it) but a couple of things stopped me from puling the trigger on one - the price and the fact that being made of fiber and epoxy, should it have a problem, it could mean I couldn't repair it (like a wooden instrument). I live i Europe and sending it to San Francisco is just out of the table should the uke need a repair.
part 2

So, I'm new to packrafting and although I prefer the tenor scale of my Tiny Tenor, I did get a XS Soprano (both romero creations ukes) for the sole purpose of traveling in water with the said packraft.

end of part 2
part 1

I just noticed your (old) post in the "what is your traveler" thread and your "name" was what caught my attention - more specifically the "rafter" part!

You have probably gone through some of the questions I now have in front of me... here I go:

end of part 1

I still have the TT, but meanwhile I got the XS soprano.
I'm happy to part with the TT, but it wouldn't be a trade anymore.
If this still interests you, let me know and we'll figure something out.

The uke is in very good condition. I had the fretboard and bridge serviced by a luthier and it has close to perfect intonation. It comes with its ACCESS bag (very nice one).

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