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  • That's awesome! I love to hear my kids play music too! It's wonderful! Hope you took some photos of the little cuties! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hope you had a great day strumming with the girlies.. and The Beatles to boot! How can you go wrong? How did they like their dolphins?
    Hope you have a wonderful day.. love your story about you getting your daughter and granddaughters dolphins.. Lots of fun, music and memories to be made today.. smiling for you!
    Hey Tom,

    The 8daypsalmist is all about PS 40 "I will sing a NEW song unto the Lord, many will see it and fear and put their trust in the Lord". My goal is to write and sing "new songs" from the heart of God for people and perform them on the streets (busking) and wherever else the Lord opens the door. the "8 day" is a nod to The Beatles, "Eight Days A Week" - in other words, I ain't got nuthin' but songs for God, 8 days a week! And yes, 8 is the number for "new beginnings".

    I would love to hear the Uke Versio of PS 2 - do you have an mp3?

    Thanks for reaching out :)


    hello! Interesting handle you have. Are you a fan of the Psalms? The 8th day reference is an interesting Old Testament idea also.

    I belong to a church that only sings Psalms, and I do love singing them with my family also. We even have an arrangement for Psalm 2 on our Ukuleles. But we don't use instruments in church

    Welcome to the Underground!

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