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  • Aloha, I saw that you are going for back surgery. Best of luck and I pray that this is the last time you have to go through this!! Best of luck and wishing you a very quick recovery!!
    Sounds good! Yea, my friend's daughter wen buy one and had to go the their house afta dey called 'um. I tink she said dey live in Hawaii Kai? I know dey had some consignments at the guitar place in Ward Warehouse 'bout two years ago Lemme know of any updates and if you hear of any other builders I can list.
    I didn't get to welcome you back yet! I saw you posted in my thread - thanks for the help, it's nice to see you again! :)
    Wow, those crabs look yummy! I used to use Aku Head bait from Tomashiro Market to catch those at Kapalama Canal not to far from our house and also when the grandfather went fishing in the Waiahole area.

    One time, when grandfather was checking his ulupapa traps at the bottom of the ocean floor, a super huge Samoan Crab attacked my grandfather from behind and cut a deep gouge in one of his calves. I think it got an artery. He had to swim to his boat before he attracted the sharks and tourniquet his leg. I don't know how he managed to row to shore and drive himself to Kuakini Hospital all the way from Waiahole. From then on, my grandmother always accompanied my grandfather on his fishing trips and took the keys so that he wouldn't sneak off on his own again.

    Wow, we both have great stories from the hanabata days!
    There are some huge killer Samoan crabs in that area too because the Portuguese-Man-O-War make it dangerous to those who don't understand the tidal movements of that side of Oahu.

    The Hawaiian beach boys back then were so powerful! My son has the same big Hawaiian diver/surfer feet like my grandfather. Got to teach the boy how to surf too!

    The homeless people I see with disabilities have it way more tough than my family. At least my family has a champion retired lobbyist (me) who can shake-up the powers-that-be to get decent medical care. So the family is good so far regardless of the illnesses and disabilities. Thank you for your prayers.

    Careful about DIY ukulele fever. The tools can get expensive.
    LOL! I had a good chuckle when you mentioned hanabata days....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    My hanabata days are filled with happy memories of tummy aches from being so stuffed with steamed slipper lobster dipped in butter.

    We must have met when we kids if you were fishing with your dad in the mid 1960s in the same area. We are about the same age. Kualoa beach area had more Kamani trees back then. Limu picking was good until more tar spills started washing up on the beach along with Portuguese Man-O-War. My grandfather used to free dive from his boat not to far from Poi Poipounder/Chinaman's Hat to lift his old coral traps that were a good 100 pounds and more that were loaded down with ulupapa. He would worry my grandmother silly because his free dives would take about 5 minutes until my grandfather would toss one of his heavy coral straps onto the boat.
    Me ke aloha Ahnko Honu,

    Nice to meet you. I'm sorry that I didn't write back sooner. My internet connection has bee bad all week. Comcast working on nodes in the area.

    I've been in Memphis for awhile because my husband was stationed in Millington, Tennessee. After he retired, he developed the same genetic disability that my son contracted last year. Currently, we try to help the homeless and disabled in the Memphis area.

    I think my grandfather passed away before you were born. You look so young. Otherwise, we likely went fishing with you. I bet your grandparents knew my grandfather, though. Harry Kojima used to bug my grandfather to supply him with more opai back in the late 1960's.

    I'm already rebuilding some broken ukuleles and making instruments out of found items. Also refitting the son's ukulele with preamp electronics and trying to find sound tweaks to make it do a longer sustain. He should have great times amping to his laptop with an audio USB interface cable.
    Aloha Ahnko Honu,
    FYI, I just saw a Tanji ukulele on craigslist for $150.00
    Ewa Beach, if you're curious....MM Stan...
    Hi! I have to wait til I get paid to go get a ukulele....but I am really drawn to the pineapple shape, am thinking of getting a Lanikai LU-21P to start me off...I really have no idea, but can't wait to check it out : ) am looking forward to spreading the music!
    Hello! Thanks for friending me : ) I am slightly lost as there is so much i do not understand about the ukulele and how to play....I really just want to make beautiful music to make me happy
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