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  • Happy birthday, Aldrine! I'm getting a lot out of your lessons and the spirit of your playing. ~Ginny
    Aloha Aldrine, Hauoli la Hanau greetings....Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends closest to your heart.. and get a new happy birthday ukulele too...Happy Strummings :)
    Awesome playing and teaching -- thanks for your efforts in passing on uke knowledge!
    Aloha Aldrine!

    I'm your fan by the way. I'm learning your version of Imagine and it sounds just awesome. I also like your performance in HI*Session.

    Have a nice day,
    cheers from the Czech Rep. Kristýna
    Thanks for adding me bro!! Love the new Hi*sessions by the way. And of course the new Under the bridge cover.learning that one now :)
    How's it going bro.finally got my UU account.Keep shreddin man ! Your Awesome,thanks for being our Uke guide !lol I'll upgrade my membership once I get my computer running.for now just the iPhone .haha
    Hey Aldrine! I was working on some tabs for your Shiki no Uta cover, and I posted them on the forum. Think you could take a look at em' if you got time?
    Hi Aldrine, thanks for being my UU friend!:) Hope all is well with ya, and like I told the Dominator, at some point our performance paths will cross and our little friends can have their own conversation together:) Aloha and of course, happy strumming!:)
    Hey Aldrine: Hope all is well with you. I'm about to invest in a case for my concert tenor that can take the abuse of airline overheads and the back of my motorcycle. I noticed in Denver that you have a polycarbonate - where did you pick that up? I've been unsuccessful looking online. Thanks for any help you can give me - Marian (ukunuke)
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