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  • Hi Allen,
    Looking forward to getting to Cairns, and will say hi if I see you. I recon if you stand anywhere near those beaut looking ukes of yours I will be drawn to the spot!!
    Hi Allen,
    Me and my wife are coming up from South Australia for the Cairns uke festival this year, can't make the uke building course, but love the look of your ukes. Blackheart Sassafras Tenor is drop dead georgeous. Great to the Auzzie woods getting a run.
    Hey Allen,
    I took a look at your web site and your uke building class. Looks like lots of fun, wish I was in Aus. so I could take the class!!!

    Thanks. It was a bit of an effort to get it up and running. Had a break-in a while ago and the little bastards stole my wallet and 2 ibook computers with everything on them. Starting from scratch and having lost most of my files was a pretty daunting task.

    The shop is 9 meter x 6 meter steel shed with a high ceiling and a room in the back that the previous owner had knocked up as safe storage for his gun and reloading operation. Apparently he was a competitive shooter. Makes for a great climate control space to keep all the critical parts and operations in.

    The workspace is still evolving. I'm moving things about to find the most efficient work flow and giving me adequate room for new machinery and elbow room for students at the same time. Could easily find a use for another shed this size.
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