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  • Aloha Steve,
    .....Hauoli la Hanau..... happy birthday greetings bruddah ....Hope you have a awesome day with family and friends....did you get a new uke...I hope so.. :)
    Hiya! Just watched your video "One Less Tear"... WOW! You guys are smokin'! Any chance of you coming to Jacksonville? Maybe even St. Augustine? Pleeeeease!
    Hey Steve,
    I didn't know you were on here. I should have known, a uke savvy guy like you.
    Great forum, huh?
    Nickie AKA Scooterchick
    Hey Steve,
    I only have one Favilla. I think I put two pictures in as a mistake. Mine has seen a lot of play time in its life...which I like. It is a great uke.
    Hey, Steve--do you two ever travel North to Indiana? We'd love to talk about a concert at the Blue Stone Folk School sometime! Otherwise, maybe we can meet up and play ukes etc. next time we visit my brother who lives in Tampa!
    Hi there Steve
    Greetings from Jen in Oz.
    At long last I've found my home at UU.
    Nice to connect with uker friends in yet another way.
    All the best :)
    Hey Steve, looking forward to meeting you and Amanda and giving you guys a tour of Dallas. I made some promo posters that look like the ones you have seen on facebook : ) Will take them to our Christmas party this weekend and hype up your visit - already have some folks pre-paid for both the workshop and the concert.

    I will be in touch with you soon - want to get some ideas of what you and Amanda would like to do on your Dallas trip.

    Talk soon, Kathy
    Can't wait to see the banjolele in action. Any chance you guys might make it up for the UWC in June?
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