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  • Hi Baz, I took the plunge and ordered a Kai Kti-700 after watching your review. Thomann selling them at £155 so seems a no brainer as £199 seemed to be the bargain ����
    Ohh, thanks, I am devastated, he is a very special person, prob in his mid-late seventies now.... Just lost touch... Is there the merest possibility you have ever come across a Uke Player on the Isle of man who resembles you in the least sir ?... I am deeply sorry to have mistaken you.... Please have a little think, best wishes, Paul
    ps I am thinking to buy the Banjolele as per my initial message, but see the ozark is a decent option, having studied your review.. They are the same price, what's your informal (and private of course..) opinion ?..
    Regards, Psul
    I've been reading your comments on the Snark tuners and saw you have a cool blog. So that's why I thought I'd ask to be friends, if that's okay. :)
    paul you have been a great help to me for the last 3 months what with your blog and your book, i've also enjoyed listenin to your youtube songs thanx for everything
    richard (kaizersoza)
    Oh yeah, I meant as a walk in shop as I'm also from the UK :D
    I just wondered if you had any particular trusted sellers, especially around the Blackpool area :)
    I'm awfully sorry to bother you, but as you're a fellow UKer, I wanted to pick your brains.
    Where's the best place to go for all things ukulele related?
    I was going to my local music shop, but they put the strings back on my uke wrong!
    Paul, I'm pretty sure I was one of those 3 new players ;)
    Thanks to you, I'm addicted!
    Cheers dude - spread the word!

    I am personally pleased that by hawking my blog on Twitter, I know I have generated 3 sales in the last week of ukuleles to brand new players - its working!
    Paul, just wanted to give you props for your awesome posts and videos. I'm really glad you're a part of the community.

    Hey Paul great cover of Black Horse & the Cherry Tree on the Mainland page. I am also a relatively new Mainland owner ( I have a concert Mahagony gloss and have been playing it everyday!) Do you have / can you point me in the direction of the chords used in your cover? I apppreciate it -Thanks!
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