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  • There have been talks of a couple UU get-togethers. The closest thing to a UU-thing is in Baltimore though. I know there are several UUers in NOVA/Baltimore/DC but no one seems to have any interest in getting together for a jam.
    hey BUZZ BUZZ.. that thread i started go out of control.. i think people just post now to get to goals.. like there 1000.. 2000.. 3000 summer is coming up for me.. and other than making art, busking, and exploring.. i wont be working.. so looks outs...
    wow.. can you make the year go faster.. just these last WED-THUR-FRI and then MON-WED-TUE-THUR-FRI.. just do those days.. speed me up to my summer ukulele time!!!
    hey beej. i'm passin through sunday, tuesday morn, tuesday night, wednesday night. If I have time to stop i'll text you.

    Tues and Wed night are most likely the times I'll be able to stop. Not certain yet tho.

    Well she got the laundry and dishes done. As long as the trash goes out in the next few hours I will let her join.

    Yeah man. I don't get down there very often though. Blue Note music over in Salem is my preferred music store. Stop in some time. It's on 8th street (I think) right behind Andrew Lewis Middle School across from Skyline Cleaners. Steve Carlisle does great work and can come up with some really cool vintage stuff. If nothing else he's good people.
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