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  • Rob and I are working on a SOTU archive on Google plus. I sugessted If checked out the site they would see a full frontal of BEV. It was apparently a bad Idea. It is really a full frontal of Rob with a uke infront of his face. If this somehow upset you Iam sorry. I would never deliberately do anything to hurt a fellow seasonista.
    ah, ok, fair go! i think most people are on the seasons for the pure love of uke-ing, and the fun of it, and yes indeed once people start recording for the seasons, unless they have good kit from the get go, there begins that process of trying to get the best audio you can to do the uke justice

    i didn't mean you were trying to promote yourself with your post, although of course if people wanna max their views etc then fair enough, it was just the vid itself and the channel, i just thought what is this, what's it gotta do with the seasons vibe - i'm sorry if i came across as jumping on your mojo - ow that sounds kind of painful!
    Lynda' Ray has a good set of tutorials on marketing your music. You and I are in this for the joy of it.
    The vid I posted tells you how to stream videos. The seasonistas seem to be real interested in making high quality vids - I was not trying to promote myself here. Just be helpful. I love your music.
    lol! yeah i played a bit of guitar, and then bass guitar, but neither fired me up like the uke does, i love the uke, it knocks whisky and beautiful women into a cocked hat, IMO!
    BEV SOTU is addictive. Ukulele is addictive. I have other musical and non-musical interests too. There is only so much time I try to make the most of it. Even if I had the leisure to devote all my time to Ukulele, I wouldn't do it. This world has so much to offer and I want to make the most of it. Like Whisky, Ukulele and beautiful women like you. If you ever see me in the street, run up and give me a hug. Should I reciprocate and get the wrong face, well some people just don't understand!
    Lynda I just spent about five minutes trying to find reply cussing out google+. I agree with you about Google/YT the ****ers are trying to take over the world. I don't do facebook. I don't do Twitter. I do however blog. Man does not live by uke alone. I run this stuff from by google email account. Its free, sorta. I get my videos published be google/yt free, sorta. Its the most efficient way I know to run a virtual life. God how I hate all this canned music. When the weather gets warmer you'll see a lot less of me because I like to play outside all the time. Hang in there girl. I do love your music. Straight No Chaser.:shaka: two fingers worth.
    i noticed that myself, it might be cheap uke syndrome, i have a couple of really great cheap ukes, my black korala and the beano uke sound great to my ears, but i have a couple of cheap ukes that do not sound so great, it can be a bit of a lottery. it could be just not tuned up right... he's a great player, it'll be interesting to hear how he sounds when he gets that new uke of his
    Hey Bev, your sounding good this week. Check out Jonathan's Over the rainbow cover. The intonation is not good and I can't figure out what the problem is. Maybe you can get a handle on it. THanks.
    I haven't been able to get through to Kelly for about two weeks. He was really bummed at that time. Tendonititus in the shoulder he told me. That can be excruciatingly painfull, been there. Has anyone a clue of what we should put up for the season if Kelly can't make it? I know he likes Country music, Garth Brooks, 70s stuff. He seems to have a passion for Astronomy too. Check his yt channel.
    Hey BEV Whats the Story with Ohmless. I knew he was having problems. Has anyone contacted him lately? diagnosis was have terminal UAS.
    Rx= Get a bigger flat.
    My bill......some real "Fish and Chips" wrapped in the London Times.

    I went to school up in Carnforth just south of the Lake District many years 1975...ouch!
    I used to hitch hike up to the chippy and get two orders. One would be in my tummy when I got back to school and I gave the other to my Ex. Each order cost 75p.....oh I can just about taste them....that Cod had to be fried in lard.....

    I am working in North Carolina in the U.S. there is a small Irish pub which claims Authentic Fish and Chips.....when I heard about it I ran to have lunch there. What I received was two small pieces of fish and skinny fries....what a disappointment.
    Err... Link? You mean the one of Apple Tree?

    Glad you like it! It's such a fun song to rock out!
    You have a great voice and I love your spin on many of your songs.
    Hey by the way....I feel you may have a bad case of many ukes do you have?
    Keep up the great work....LD
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