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  • thanks to ur Ukin' in the Woods i think i am going to look into trying to do something like that here in OK.
    BornAgainJeepers: I enjoy your videos. Your group I know only from youtube videos --yours (the one sitting in the creek is priceless), sesso's, ukeeku's, lisaxy424, hoosierhiver's, etc.--and many swell ukers without youtube channels, too. Sounds like a super fun bunch. Hope to meet some in person sometime soon. New to uke, strumming and chords only so far, but hey, we all crawled once, eh. Cheers, b.a.jeepers.
    Alex, PM box is full. Wrote a complimentary note to you, actually gushing praise about your talent, meeting you, etc, etc - all disappeared because your box is full. Damn. And I meant everything I said, can't remember now but might come back to me.
    We got to do a trip to the lake Saturday afternoon. I released some paddelfish in there last fall. UWC Soon!
    Next Thursday some people are going to meet on the boardwalk in Makanda for some ukin', about 6:p.m., if you're free come on by.
    Hello BAJ I'm El Jeffe (Jeff) and I have featured your Bari-Songs over on Humble Baritonics. I enjoy your videos and humor. Howabout dGBE?
    Great to see you again.
    When you drove by the window, I was looking out and said there goes Alex. Of coarse I was being a wise guy. Well ya got me again.
    Hey, I have an Idea!
    What if you came to my house Friday night (Dec 10), we then go to the X-mas chug Saturday, and then sunday you stay for my uke jam. You should be on the road by 4:30 sunday.
    For your planning:
    29 payne pl
    Normal, il 61761
    Hey Alex
    It was real nice meeting you at UWC - and I'm looking forward to the next one.
    Aloha from Jenny in Oz :)
    Awesome! No one in my area carries any ukuleles, so when I buy will probably be from Musicians Friend. I look forward to your review!
    I want to get a Lanikai O-8E. When you get yours, will you play it on the jam?

    It's going to be a birthday present to myself, but every time I look the availability date is pushed back. I'm getting the impression if I order it now I may have it in time for Aug 13th...
    A thank you...

    Ok, you are awesome! I took what you taught me last night and applied it and it all just clicked and I'm playing and singing like a champ!

    Well, not like a champ, but a grajillion times better than I was this morning. Holy Amazing Teacher, Bathman!
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