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  • Ha ha, I'm so sorry. :uhoh:

    I had no intention of buying that Kamaka. I always assumed K-Brands were well out of my reach, but when that appeared at such a low price, I knew I'd be a complete moron to pass it up.

    I hope you can get saving and get yourself a K at some point :D
    Thanks! I actually get down to Exeter every so often, so you may have just let yourself in for a visit. Sheppey, eh? Not everyone would admit to that! I'm only Kentish by default. I was born in America, moved to England, married an Englishwoman, then she wanted to buy an affordable house south of London. So of course, Maidstone was one of about 3 places we could afford. We may move in a few years, and I'd love to head back west. I lived in Devon for about 6 years. Sadly, my wife is not so fond of hedgerows, tractors and proper cider.
    I wish I had an old barn like that. There used to be loads of them around the countryside now alot of them are abandoned.
    The spalted mangos were halted in production. Something to do with the wood not being available anymore. Mainland makes a mango uke but it isn't spalted and lani kai now makes a spalted mango uke.
    Thanks so much for the music! I am sure I should be able to work out parts that are off the scale for the uke.
    Cheers John
    Aha! Great stuff! Yes I very nearly bought a Pono solid soprano from him before realising I wanted a concert (he has no solid concerts). I'm glad you found your uke there - he seemed a really nice guy, and they do have slightly different stock to most Uk shops. Good news.
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