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  • Maybe PM Danny (Kanaka916), he's a moderator on the forums and when I talked to him on Saturday he knew the details. I just know it's in Santa Rosa. Aldrine's also coming to Berkeley on Oct. 13th I think.
    It was nice meeting you as well.

    I'm pretty patient about waiting. I know it will be good and I have heard through "my sources" that Rick is actually building mine himself (I took the woodset he was saving for himself), I told him a couple of things that I wanted and left the rest to him with the instructions "to play/experiment as he saw fit." I think he's trying a different bracing pattern and using carbon fiber in a new way (for him). He promised me a "tone machine" and so for that, I'm more than happy to patiently wait. Hope to see you around again. I heard Aldrine will be in Santa Rosa in October. You should try to catch that. He's amazing. Take care, -Gary

    While reading posts, I noticed your avatar, and wanted to tell you that I think your paintings are beautiful. I love vibrant colors.

    Hi Cauk...
    You are a PoHo
    You can log off any time you like, BUT you can never leave ;)
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