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  • It wasn't CJay. It was listed in your activity window. Don't worry about it. Boy this new Mainland uke has done wonders for my confidence level playing uke.:)
    Made it to Uncle Tommy's Ehh! Bill Bailey is my new Mainland. Need to finish the story too. I started Holiday Camp because some people needed to chill. Its turning into a links page plus. All accessible thru my signature.Luvverly.
    Cee jay please look at the Tao thread. I have rewritten it a couple of times and can't seem to get it right. your input is appreciated. I am obliged by your kind remarks on my vid. You really clean up well.
    total elapsed time for uploading 1st video 8hrs. :rolleyes: Total project hime for 2nd video ~1-1/2 hours. :cool:
    "Why should you be any different to anyone else.. I demand that you imply that I am an idiot"
    Chris why would I need to imply?
    Hey CeeJay, I is a Seasonista now. Thanks for your help and encouragement.
    Did you do Blue Christmas in the Key of E? I rather liked the sigh at the end.
    Hey Chris, Q. Are you and ubulele related? Maybe working on a comedy routine? You two seem to generate more sparks than Mrs O'Leary's cow. I think you might be right about RS. ps: If you put a visitor message on my page, I have notifications sent automatically that you came a'callin'.

    I only just found this page ...doh !! Thanks ..yes I doodle a bit ....well I used to ..I should start again really....

    I see the Smeck response as well. I was yanking Rick Turner's chain a little as he sort of hinted that Smeck's "time" finished in the 60's ..he carried on performing until well into his late 80s and did not collect his celestial Uke until 1994...at 94 years of age.....but I think Rick Turner is more about Rick Turner ...:D


    PS Pleased the Missus liked the " instrument shape change " crack.
    Hey guy, I like the new avatar. Are you the cartoonist? My wife loved the bit about instruments that change shape.
    I posted a reply on the Smeck thread. It didn't take for some reason. After about 1960 skepticism about material claims is sensible For all non-high-end equipment.
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