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  • Aloha Coconut Willie,
    Just Stopping by to wish you an Happy Birthday greetings my friend....hope you're having a awesome day...:)
    Aloha Willie,

    How was your trip to Maui? I had a blast the past couple of weekends. I went for a bachelor party from the 12th through the 15th and then took the family for a trip from the 18th through the 22nd. Played a bit of golf, Kahili and Pukalani, low 90s, but not bad considering the wind. Hope your trip was great man!

    Aloha Willie,

    Yep, played there a number of times. If you hit the ball straight, I suggest going there. It's upcountry Maui, great views etc, however if you slice or hook often, you WILL hit homes. Fairways are fairly narrow and homes line each side of the fairway. I used to live near the 12th green as a kid and we had golf balls coming through our windows weekly. LoL Challenging course though, some tough, long uphill holes. I think if you really want to enjoy playing, spend a little extra and play at the Wailea Emerald course. Good luck! Dan
    Aloha Willie, Ah shucks, my bad for not responding earlier, but I wasn't sure if I could get off of work on Monday. I will still play that day though somewhere! LoL Maybe try again next time bruddah! Alohas, Dan
    Aloha Willie! Ok, I'll actually be on Maui from the evening of the 12th to the evening of the 15th, so I could probably squeeze in a round on Monday the 15th? Emerald is beautiful, I've played there a few times and its not a very hard course either. Fairly short, but usually when I play there my driver is out of whack so the best I've shot there was a 94. If you are a high 90s player, and you're on your game you could get close to breaking 90! Let me know if the 15th would work for you. The one thing I COULD potentially do, is maybe get you the kama`aina rate at Elleair since my mom and her bf play there so often they might be able to set something up. I'll let you know on that. Just to let you know that I've played Elleair a number of times and it isn't as easy as it seems because the wind is a nightmare! If it weren't for the wind, I'm sure the course would be fairly easy, but the wind is always screwing me over. lol Aloha and sorry for the delayed response! Dan
    Hey Willie,
    Let me know what weekend and I'll see what I can do. I have a bachelor party to attend the weekend of the 13th so that weekend is out. Let me know I'd love to play. Elleair is a nice course for the price.
    Much obliged Kanaka. If only one could find the helpfulness and courtesy we see here on UU in the real world! ;D
    Lemme play with it some during the weekend . . . was just tryin to play along with Bb Eb F and listen for the changes, shouldn't be that hard.
    Hi Coconut Willie, I know this is a strange request but here goes: Do you by any chance have tabs/chords for the song COCONUT WILLIE which was sung by Genoa Keawe (it's on YouTube)?

    It's a very clever song and I would like to learn it.... I know this is a pot shot but still.
    Do you golf by chance? Ka'anapali has a couple of nice courses! Let me know when you'll be there, maybe I can make my way home and we can jam or something. I really wish I could move back to Maui, but the jobs there are scarce.
    Ah cool! I was born and raised on Maui, but went to college on Oahu and I've lived here since. I love going to Bounty to play around with their 'ukes, but the prices can be pretty dang high on a lot of them. But they're a small operation, so its hard.
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