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  • Aloha Scott, I just checked my visitors message, sorry for the late response,
    I now cleared my pm box thank you
    Richwood OH, near columbus. My BIA is perhaps being overmedicated and perhaps consequentially concompliant. The NH appears to be trying to put the screws to Nan and pauls assets. 2/24 meeting. Might end up as a skype IDRK.
    I'm busy as a beaver - in a brothel. I got two computers had them sent to OH. Bro-in-law had a stroke, his wife Nan is over an hour away. Snafu w/ Walmart. They sent half the stuff to me. Walmart Customer Service provides brothel Service too! Winter House cleaning - friction with Susan because of it. Strum in the Park is hanging fire. Winter weather, Possible trip to OH next month. No real problems though. No S.A.D. either. :)
    A lot of stuff going on in life right now. It seems the only rest (mind-wise anyway) is at work.
    How is yourself?
    I sure am...thanks! It was rough for a couple of days, but when I started feeling better, it was a LOT better.
    I'll just say this...she can understand every word you say, so talk to her all you want--she gets it.
    I cleared out some room. Its annoying sometimes I was never one of the popular girls at school. Working to upload Raedens present right now!
    consitter while we try to resolve this impass I suggest we add some pictures of ukes we wish to evaluate. This should give us a target to direct our analysis. Petey's approach was helpful I thought
    That's not what I want to hear consitter. I find these things interesting to involve myself with. With this particular thread I find I bought a ticket for a 45 minute Jake concert and got a ticket for a four day production of Wagners Ring.
    Aloha Scotty...Hauoli la Hanau.....hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends close to your heart....
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