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  • Aloha JP,
    Another year and another happy birthday greetings..hope you still playing your ukes..hope you had a super day with family and friends close to your heart...Happy Strummings
    Aloha JP,
    Happy Birthday Greetings girl....hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends close to your heart.....Happy Strummings... :)
    Thanks so much! I wish you a wonderful year, too! I hope to continue to help spread Ukulele fever! :D
    Aloha and Happy Birthday Joanna,
    Good Morning, sorry it's been a long time since we talked, hope you are doing fine and still playing your ukes..Just wanted to wish you
    a happy birthday..hoping you have a wonderful day,year and years
    ahead as you make life beautiful for life everyone around you. Happy
    birthday..take care and many blessings..your friend, Stan
    I like the Sakura Koi watercolours, but also Winsor & Newton Cotman. I need to use non-toxic because of allergy problems. I'm just fooling around/getting started. EEEE DH is looking at banjo ukuleles for me! ::holding breath::
    Great to hear you are doing fine...I too had a hard time 4 years ago when my father passed away..took up the uke again...I am into art too
    and do watercolors...been experminting with the japanese brands such as Niji and Koi(sakura)..buut like my Cotman and Grumbacher...also
    my liquitex arclyrics...Take Care and hope to see a video soon...yes I bought a M20 fluke ha Happy Strummings...MM Stan
    Aloha CM..Jo
    Haven't seen you post any videos for a long okay??? jus wondering... Happy Strummings, MM Stan
    Good to see your sister here too now... MM Stan
    Hi CountryMouse, thanks for being my UU friend!:) Hope all is well with ya, Aloha and of course, happy strumming! :)
    Wild Mountain Thyme. ;) If you don't mind me asking, how exactly do you record to make it so pro sounding?
    Yup.. that was my thread.. it was so much fun! I love my luna I think it has a nice sound, especially when someone else plays it! I am still so new to it... It is beautiful on the eyes... I am sure that for those that have top of the line ukes.. it wouldn't be their preference. It's perfect for me right now....
    I love hearing about what everyone collects.. Do you do calligraphy and such?
    Hello CountryMouse! Thanks for your nice Birthday wishing, which happend a while ago (04-28). Maybe the time for often visits of the UU Forum arrived ;)
    Have a nice day!
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