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  • I love that song! I actually attempted a cover of it with uke and piano eons may still be on my YouTube channel somewhere! Thanks for the suggestion - keep 'em coming! :)
    It's not real. Not yet. It's there to remind me that I have undertaken a project this summer. I intend to document the process, and all the mess I make of it. Should be quite entertaining.
    It's all good man. That was back in the day when I was young and skinny. But I am better looking now. Funny enough, I can still do a kick-flip. :D
    Learn you skateboarding history

    Tony Hawk was maybe 15 or 16 in this video. This is how we used to do it back in the day. I just happened upon the video (on VHS mind you) when I was digging through my DVD's
    Not much man, watching Die Hard and reliving my past by watching an old video called the "Search for Animal Chin" But that stuff is way before your time.
    Good to see you here Justin. I see that you are getting addicted. It's cool! This is a great place to be.
    haha that is so awesome.
    well keep doing your thing. it works for you. you are very individualistic.
    im glad you found the forums!

    well i must get going.. but you have a wonderful day!!
    well hoop troop is this group of amazing people we have in omaha who do hula hoop tricks and dancing and fire hooping and we perform for people. its a great time. Currently it's my profession.. however I am looking for a 'real big girl job' . .:)
    what kind of skating do you do?
    oh the usual. getting ready for hoop troop practice.. and enjoying the beautiful weather. what about yourself? any big plans for the day?
    Good luck with it! I've been mostly teaching myself, using the internet, and so far it's worked great (unlike when I tried to use the internet to teach myself violin...that failed...epically). My brother plays bluegrass guitar, and even though I don't like bluegrass, it's still fun to jam with him. I really want to be able to play with other ukers though. ;)
    I hope I can-I'm coming home for Spring Break tomorrow, and I'm crossing my fingers that my mom will give me the car and let me have some gas money to get down there. I wanted to go to the one last month, but I couldn't make it. I want to go because I've never actually played ukulele with anyone else. I've only been playing sine January. :/
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