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  • It worked! Clicking on the user name in visitor messages posts a public message to that user's profile. If you want to send a private message you can do so by clicking on their name, then the "Contact Info" tab, then the "Send a private message..." link.
    Is this how I reply to you? I want to thank you for the welcome but am still feeling my way around and not sure if me replying to you here gets back to you automatically??? I guess I'll find out soon :)
    How could I not're the only one who gets my sense of humor half the time!

    I'm very familiar with Legoland, having a 12-year-old daughter. We don't go any more but used to a lot. It's a fun place as long as your expectations aren't too high.
    Hey there cpatch! Thanks for the add. I see you live in the Carlsbad area! I used to live in south SD. Have yet to go to Legoland.
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