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  • Another columbus uker! Are you aware of any get-togethers? I'm in columbus and have been learning for a couple months and would LOVE to get together with others to learn a few things. Thanks!
    I've looked on your website for a banjolele and they look quite nice but all seem to be sold. Are there any banjoleles that you are currently selling?

    I am new to uu and was unaware of your web site. I here so many great thing about your ukes. I need your help. I have a banjo uke with a 8" rim I need an armrest for. Do you sell them or could you sell me the pland to make one?

    Thanks for your help,

    I just watched all your videos last night. Great stuff. Im going to start combing through my local lumber yards ;)
    Was great to meet you and shoot the breeze at UWC. We just got back last night. Back to the day job rat race tomorrow. Maybe a little shop time this afternoon.
    What up dave g? I'm loving your videos. They're some of the best out there, that I can see. Thanks.
    It was certainly a pleasure meeting you guys! You seemed like you were neighbors.Thanks for coming.Keep in touch. Mike
    Hi Dave, I was searching on building a ukulele and found your youtube channel, I then realized who you (on youtube) were! You live about an hour or so from me! You do beautiful work!
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