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  • Tell me if you got a private message from me. It's not showing in my sent box and I wrote lengthy one. Technology is not my strong suit these days. Ugh!

    yes my daughter is sellling for now until i get better but please keep it under I am still recoevering from my liver failure and don't want to much sales at this time since i am scaling back ubtil my new website is ready.
    Dana, tell me what all you got for trade. I may just trade. I am in market for a tenor. But not sure if I want to let my sceptre go but I never play it. arghhhhh!!!
    Hello, I am VERY interested in your manini. I am literally running off to work right now and can check e-mail/messages again in a few hours. Would you accept paypal? I am in New Mexico, so within CONUS.

    I am so excited!

    Eileen (UU name:downtoearthed)
    Hey there, just curious, is that your moore bettah on your avatar? how much did it cost you?
    and is there more pictures of it? looks too sweet ;P
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