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  • Thanks for the info. But, I'm not looking for a Martin tenor. I had a nice vintage Martin tenor I sold this fall. It was sweet player. But, I've cut back my mahogany ukes to just one Kinnard mahogany tenor. John Kinnard makes a great uke.

    Regarding home coffee roasting. I enjoy it. I've been roasting for nearly 10 years. I control the roast to just how I usually like it, or experiment with different roasts. The other plus is the cost. Usually I get my green coffee under $5/lb. Recently, I found a green Kenyan peaberry from a local market here in Atlanta for $4/lb. It is excellent for a full city roast. Honestly, I enjoy my roasted coffee better than any I can buy.

    BTW I grew up in the southwestern corner of PA, at the base of Chestnut Ridge, the western-most ridge of the Appalachian mountains.
    Hey Doc, You should be able to get a New Martin Tenor, Nazareth made for $1000. 60% of list is Available from some dealers. Home Roaster ehh? I just had a sip of some Kenya AA dark roasted on 12.24. Saint Thomas Roasters, Linglestown PA. Off of I-81. Geoff roasts 6 kinds of beans a day, 6 days a week!
    Aw they are so cute! I don't have access to any good pics of mine right now, but your pair is adorable!
    It's Nestor the long ear donkey! I had a pic of my puppy up for awhile but I'm fickle, I change it alot.

    I have a 10-12 year old chi and a 2 year old chi mix. The old one has huge ears just like yours. Is your pup wearing a coat in that picture?
    I've had a uke for a couple of years and played some, but I've only really concentrated on it since June of this year. But I've played guitar a long time.
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