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  • Happy Birthday Fitncrafty...hope you have a super day with family and friends........
    Me too! Thanks for the kind words earlier :)
    I just got back and the place is a mess. It will probably take me a couple of days to clean up but at least the repairs are finished. One thing at a time...
    Loving your Wonder Woman uke!! What kind of paint did you use? Does it sound as good as it looks? :)
    i just saw a post of yours where you say that you live in ky, if you still do would you like to get a uku group together someplace in lex? I'd really like to meet other ukulele players, make friends, and become a better ukulele player :D
    Hey! I got your message because I finally logged back in. I can't message you back though because your mailbox is full. Send me another note because I would love to catch up. I'm trying to get back into playing more often.
    I was a double bassist, but no more. Just watched some of BassCasualty's other uploads, he has very good technique!
    Awesome, I used to talk like that as a bassist in college... then graduated, got married, had kids, and now do "uke speak".
    Can you share the link to "Sh!t Bass Players Say"? Couldn't find it on the interwebs.
    Ha ha, haven't been on much as of late. Only a few months. Got a new position at work in the verification department doing fraud prevention. I love it. I try my hardest to take one of my ever growing collection of instruments to work daily. Starting dreadlocks- so far so good. Waiting for my tax reurn to get my ukulele banjo. How are you doing?
    I did! Its beautiful! Only had time to tune it before I had to go to work though. I can't wait to go home after the gym to play it! Well not play it, but learn some chords lol
    I know...I was looking at my work schedule for next week and due to vacations, it's just not possible for me to switch with someone. :( I'm bummed about it too! I'm not sure if Brett is working that night, but if not, I'll encourage him to go. Next month for sure!
    Sorry we missed the club on Monday. Mandy didn't get a chance to change her work hours and we're in the process of moving. We will be there next month for sure! Were going to be living closer so it won't be such a hike. :)

    We will! We are getting ready to move at the end of the month and in the mix of all the organizing and packing I forgot to ask to switch hours with a coworker (I normally work until 7pm in Troy). We'll be there in August :)
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