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  • hey man, your old posts and sound samples of your melokia acacia tenor were really helpful when i was looking into them. anyway, i got an acacia tenor and i love it! so, thanks!
    Hi, I'm Robin from The Netherlands.
    Do you nstill have this Kamaka Tenor for sale.
    If yes.... are you willing to ship the item to The Netherlands ??
    what'sup was good seeing u at the socal uke fest even tho' it was only for a few seconds. we all should jam sometime
    you were at the Huntington Jam?
    i was the guy with the fedora who wasn't really good at ukulele LOL
    bro, your kamaka is gorgeous! did you special order that or did you just buy that off the shelf? you got me drooling over the koa's pattern. Not to say that the KoAloha doesn't compare. good investment choices bruddah.
    hey what's up man!..hey there's another uke player that lives near us. actually got my friend into playing. he also lives couple blocks down from us. his name is kent. u can find him on my friends list. ksanmamaril. might see u at the jam in sd tomorrow.
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