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  • I looked at your schedule. I am planning a Uke gathering "A Strum in the Park" for the lehigh valley 7.11.2015 I do not have a site secured yet. There may be employment or acommodations possibilities passing through. or not. I am negotiating sponsorship now. Try Godfrey Daniels.
    Hi guys,

    I just answered lisa. I just noticed these messages - sorry. I didn't even know a private messaging app existed on this website.

    I'm a month or so late in replying. But... thanks for all the good words!
    Hi G,
    I enjoyed your performance at the MUF yesterday. I'm like Lisa below, I missed your class. I'm so ashamed. I enjoyed the after party too.
    I liked your comment on stage about being all excited about some uke thing you've experinced and the wife don't get it. ( please don't let her see this or I'll be in trouble in two states.)
    Oh well keep on strummin',
    Hi there! I saw you perform at the Milwaukee Uke Fest yesterday - you are AWESOME! I really enjoyed your set, and you are so funny! :) Unfortunately, I didn't get to make it to your class - but I only heard great things about it! Thanks for making that day even more special for me!
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