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  • Thanks. Kids will be kids, you can't take their opinions to heart, their music tastes are different than ours. I only ask their opinions about technical stuff, like computers and phones...
    Probably more a reflection of my overly ambitious learning style than my actual playing ability :)
    Hey there! Your mailbox is full so hopefully I can reply this way... I've seen your Kiwaya and have been tempted - if it more than 12 frets I would have bought it already :) I've learned the hard way that no matter how nice the uke, if it doesn't go up to 14 or 15 frets it's not going to get played around here. Best of luck with the sale!
    Aloha From Hawaii Ginny my new friend,
    Let me know if there is a certain type of uke you are looking for..and I will keep my eye out for you.... NC eh....nice...I know there are some Hawaiian halaus down neighbors family lives up there....Have a Happy 2010 and Happy Strummings... Stan
    Hello Ginny,
    Oh yeah, I sing. In fact, I know it's time to take a break when my voice is gone. It's great to hear from former campers. I too attended the camp (the camp's first year).

    Good to iMeet you,
    Pink Martini's well-known and well-loved around here. Thomas Lauderdale led the Xmas carols at the lighting of the city Xmas tree this year. Fun.

    E is usually written e, lots of information about it at the wikipedia entry "e (mathematical constant)".

    Haven't seen it. The only math movie I'm familiar with is the classic Disney short, Donald in Mathemagicland. It's so good. Pi was released well before I became a mathematician, and I haven't had time for many movies since I got involved in academia (first as a student, now as an instructor). Hopefully, the director will make a sequel about another very cool number, E.
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