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  • Hi Nam.
    Nice to connect via UU too.
    Yes, St Leonards is on the North side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It's not that far out from the Central Business District - and easily accessible by train and bus.
    Hope that helps.
    G'day, thanks for the hello. Are you involved in the MUF next weekend? I am unfortuneatly working saturday but hope to get to some of the events over the weekend, any recomendations for a newby who hasn't had contact with another uker yet.

    Cheers, Tony
    man ive been playing for about a year now, i just learnt jakes crosscurrent which was my first real challenge but was saprised it only took me a solid 2 weeks to learn, playing with other ukes is hard, i cant find anyone around, im hopeing to organise some sort of meet up ay when im back in wollongong, try and get everyone together, for like a 2 day session, something like a UU australian get together, or something, would be good to meet all the other ukers from around aus if any would be interested to come, espically if theres $45 flights again... always wanted to do an open mic, confidence is something i dont lack that much and reckon i would enjoy playing infront of people, mate also im the same, i cant sing if my life depended on it, so i try and find songs that are just great to listen to.... after i learn this version of maui suppa man, im gonna learn bodysurfing, never heard it before till only a month or so ago... I know what you mean about jakes songs, seems everyone plays em
    hey nemo mate,sorry for the 2nd reply, was just goin through youtube again and seen your open mic night, 1st of mate, that was flawless, beautiful playing there, ive been wanting to do an open mic night for ages, and planning on starting to do some when im back at home (prize are decent too) when your playing ukulele, what do you find song wise plays the best, i would be thinkin that that version of maui hawaiian suppa man would go down a treat, but do you find alot of jake's songs are the most enjoyable?? do you sing also or just play??
    hey man, thats no worries, i was truely blown away by it.... Yeh its going to be the first song im tryin to learn to play without tabs, and i really appreciate your assistance. I know i will get stuck somewhere along the lines so you proberly will hear from me, seems your new uke is opening up fairly well mate, planning a custom myself for my next uke, gotta find a good builder, there was a local guy in west aus here but im moving back to wollongong nsw end of this year so will look into it down there. Again bro thanks for your reply, i highly appreciate the cords, will let you know how i go. The ukulele is keepin me sain during mi uni exam time so its sweet to get my mind of things with something relaxing, again thats mate, hope to actually catch up one day for a jam session, gf wants to go to melbourne so next time theres heaps cheap flight im goin to take her will bring my uke too and catch up.. again thanks for the offer for helping, good to know that theres someone t lend a hand
    g'day nam..... jeeeez mate i just watch your video of hawaiian suppa man, i heard it ages ago and now i got mi kanilea im half way through learning it... same sort of version as yours, actually i got your vid on download and loop, exactly how i wanted to learn it, couldnt find the other guy who played it similar but anyway mate, you f'kn shreaded dude, i mean you took that uke out for a nice dinner and danceing mate, that was baaaaad ass... ive figured out the first bit, but gets a bit more complicated, oi at what stages are you picking the open E chord??? im tryin to follow but cant seem to pick it up. again mate bad ass and in only 12days that a huge effort....i read what that dude was goin on about not keep traditional and picking and s**, mate i felt like kickin him across the head if he was standing infront of me, its new times, ukes get picked and not just strummed some people are just way to old school.... again mate, bad ass effort...
    how you doing ? I have been been trying stickam out if you want to try it some time .
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