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  • Wow, thank you! I thought you had left the site and was just hoping you might check in. Look forward to your next video!

    Thanks again,

    - Gary
    Hauoli la hanau greetings Gary...hope you have a super day with family and friends....go buy yourself a new uke....hee hee
    Howdy, it was great! I was surprised of how little uke playing was on the island. Lots of uke stores but not many uke folks in public. wished I could have found a jam but I played every day and jammed with my dad. Loved the island though. How are things with you?
    Thanks Gary,
    When you get your Compass Rose I would LOVE to see a picture of it.
    Take care,
    Wow, do you know where he will be in Santa Rosa? I haven't heard anything, but would love to go.
    Just wanted to say Hi, and that it was good to meet you at the Festival on Saturday. I am sure you can't wait for you Compass Rose and my guess is that when you get it, it will exceed your expectations...
    I'll be at the make-up session that Jason is doing on the Friday, but I think I have other things to do on Saturday. :( No WCUF for me this year.
    Strummer group performance is at 12:45, supposed to report at 12:20 during Ohta-san performance.
    I got her a few months back. She is BANGING! I swear, Rick's ukulele really do sound better than ALL of the K brands... It looks ridiculous. Send me your email and I'll shoot you a few pics:)
    haha Hey! I've been distracted here at home. It's been 2 weeks since I got back and I hadn't unpacked my suitcases yet! (still haven't finished xD) Also haven't been able to play ukulele well in the past few days because I accidentally cut my stumming hand's nails too short :'(
    Good to meet you too, Gary! I hope the next time there is more group play. Maybe I can sit inside the fence where I can hear, too. :)
    Cool. I've got a photo of your uncle from the CGM in DC. He was sitting on the table next to me. Living history! You should be very proud of his service.

    Sorry but I just noticed your message on the 100/442 character I was using for my photo. My dad was 442 and I volunteer a lot with the Nisei vets from WWII.

    Was your uncle Tom Sakamoto? I know there were two others onboard the Missouri at the surrender signings but I only know of Tom. He might have been MacArthur's interpreter.
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