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  • Hi hmgberg, thanks for your kind words in the 'forgotten uke' thread. And also thanks for directing folks to my sites. Much appreciated!
    - Terry
    Aloha Mr H and Mrs E,

    Hope you Stayed up last night for the Festivites and enjoyed yourself:smileybounce:...Happy New Year ....I got sick yesterday and still feeling bad as I got up
    shoots..Health, wealth, and prosperity to you ....many blessings....Your friend, stan:)
    Hi, I do want to sell my 30's-40's Gretsch if you're interested and maybe a Favilla. All sopranos and I'd give you a 24 hr try-out period as long as you pay return postage and the uke's returned in the same condition. Could probably do a quick web cam demo of either of them. Prices would be around $300. Let me know and we can get into specifics. ciao, g
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