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  • Thanks for the link - sorry only seeing this message now a long time after you sent it (also it says I deleted my last message replying to you which I didn't!). Unfortunately her channel seems to have no content right now. But thanks for putting the kernel of an idea into my head...I'd love to combine art+ukulele somehow!
    Oh, it's Elena - I am (try and fail?) to be an artist (painter) in real life, so didn't want art galleries looking me up and finding ukulele videos. Mind you, at the moment I prefer singing and playing to painting...
    Thank you! Delighted to be part of the group! And for the warm welcome. I hope you get this message...the message function seems to be malfunctioning and not sending for me!
    Hi Tommy- tried to send you a PM back on Sunday and also Tues but your inbox is/was full. You can download all the messages to save them by going to your inbox and scroll all the way to the bottom and where it says DOWNLOAD ALL MESSAGES as, and it gives you the options for TEXT, XML or CSV. TEXT is probably the most universal, so if you click that and save the file it presents to you, after, you can then delete some messages and free space in your inbox....Please PM me when I can send you a new message-Booli
    Hey Tommy!! I'm sorry we missed each other at UWC! I was telling my husband, as we were leaving, that there was a couple folks that I didn't get to meet. Hopefully, next year! We could get some Seasonista brothers and sisters together and play our ukes!
    Clear some space in you PM inbox. I want to tell you a couple of things that I don't necessarily want public.
    Oh yeah..."please".
    hey there. first thing i do if a vid gets stuck in uploading to youtube, is go to my videos page, and delete it. then i try re-uploading

    if that doesn't work, i re-save the vid on my computer, and try uploading again
    Hello Tommy,

    I tend to have ideas for themes floating around in my head some time in advance but I don't usually do anything definite until the week before I'm hosting in case I have to change my original plan because of themes in the few weeks before. So most of the detailed work is done during the week before I am hosting and I only make the intro video a day or two before the season starts. Even on the day as I am usually aiming to post the theme about 10pm local time (so that it's up early evening, eastern USA) so I have plenty of time during that day to make and upload the intro video.

    Cheers and good luck with your first hosting.

    If you mean the extra icons on your youtube page. Just go to the channel page and up
    at the righthand corner there is a little pencil icon and if you click it you can then just add
    URLS for other social media sites like Google+ or Flickr or any other ones that you might have.

    Hope that helps-

    man does not live by uke alone? you mean............ there's other stuff?! i kinda remember................ no i don't it's all uke all the time for me, i forget everything else now!

    oh google+, it can drive a person crazy, and frequently does!

    i'm totally addicted to the seasons, you'll find me hanging out on the anticipation thread on a saturday night come winter summer autumn or spring!

    thank you so much for your kind comments
    i messaged ralf and he said he'd just PM-ed him to find out if he was good to go with hosting. ohmless hasn't posted or been on UU for about a week, i do hope he's ok. i know his arm was giving him problems and he couldn't play, i hope all is well with him
    Whereabouts in Ohio will you be going? My busy is trying to teach school (Bridget is home schooled), taking kids and me to dental and eye-doctor appts. Feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
    A lot of stuff going on in life right now. It seems the only rest (mind-wise anyway) is at work.

    How is yourself? I'm an idiot...I answered you the first time ON MY OWN WALL!! Hahahahahaha!!
    May help what ?

    " This may help Cris. register and start a songbook. They have transpositional Tabs for ukulele and even offer C or D tunings."

    Confused as normal I am with a little extra on top now......apropos of ..??
    I will keep you in mind should I venture out of my comfort zone.:)
    Off to the beach next week for a break, then back into the commisions.
    Kind regards
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