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  • Jack,
    I love your Pohaku tenor! The humpback whale image is great---very subtle.
    Don't you love the way it feels? The finish and balance are wonderful.
    Please tell about your experience commissioning a uke from Peter Hurney---what did you order, how long did it take, how much were you involved with all the specs, etc. We have two Pohakus (the spec Art Deco tenor and a used soprano) and love them and would very much like to order a custom.

    There's a Pohaku owners group if you want to join.

    Aloha jackwhale,
    Nice to hear about another NorCal uker. Been thinking about hooking up with Ryan for Kanikapila but haven't yet, hopefully soon. Been to Sacramento to hook up with Danny(Kanaka916) a couple times, will hook up Feb. 3rd again. I lve in Salida, next to Modesto.
    Take care,.......................BO......................
    Thanks. A friend is lusting after the baritone I got from you and I told him he could have it if the tenor becomes available. Lol
    I have 2 with buzzes that I wont sell unless I get them right. They are one of those things where I will get around to them sometime. But right now I am up to my eyeballs in orders. If I get them fixes I will let you know.
    I have 2 that need some work to get them ready. I have been hoarding them I guess. I do not carry the new SL-Ts with the Flame Maple because of some quality issues. But I do have 2 Koas. I am going to a uke fest, but I can see if I can get one of them fixed up when I get back. No promises. There is just a little buzz on it, but I am really particular.
    Well then, I think I must thank you for <not> choosing the Deco Tenor and leaving it for me. : )

    Thanks for the best wishes, Jack.

    Best to You.
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