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  • I'm really interested in this build, so please let me know when you get it. It seems very quick---wasn't it less than 3 months?
    I am very excited for you!! I hope you can manage to be home when it arrives. Can you take some time off for a "honeymoon"?
    Is your apartment so small that some other uke will have to be re-homed?
    Thx for your reply. You must be quite a player to be way up in the 14th fret on a regular basis!
    A shout out to a fellow Kiwaya KS-0 Thinline Eco owner, the rare birds that we are. Thanks for your reply to my post, Jane. Mahalo.
    Hey there - just had to ask you a bit about your kamakas. What draws you to them enough to have 2 concerts?
    Nice, I have met the quickest six shooter of the email world. Just playing. My email goes to my phone so sometimes I am hours off. I have a few of Cliffs books if you would like the pdfs.
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