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  • banjolele groups have elections for leader. be there or be square. icon thread.election on friday1.9.15. Spread the word.
    I missed a step or two. First you have to have a photo stored on your computer hard drive. I do this by right clicking on the photo, hitting "Save this..." and giving the photo a name that I will remember.

    Let me know if this isn't enough. Ask me some questions and I try to give an answer.
    I then click on an album, click on "Upload Photos", then on "Add Files", then on browse. Your computer photos should then appear and you click on the photo you want to upload and away you go.
    First you must have the photo on the hard drive of your computer. I do this by right clicking on the photo and giving it a name that I'll remember.
    Hi Tom,
    Sorry I took so long to get to this. I didn't already answer did I? Just let me check something.
    Hey Jim, I'm Tom Coughlin, Your face looks very familiar. Perhaps from a New York or New England Festival.
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