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  • Mahalo nui loa Kevin - I appreciate your kind words, and I will definitely follow your advice and keep at it :)
    "Well it's about time." !!
    I do apologise for my tardiness;) Blame it on my age! It took a while to get my head around facebook. And then around YouTube. All this internet stuff - how's a gal supposed to remember all these passwords???
    I actually joined UU a while back, early 2009, but at that stage I honestly couldn't make a lot of sense of things. I struggled to upload a photo, etc etc.
    I reckon there's still a lot to learn, but at least I'm here and here is where I belong - amongst my global family of ukers :) PS 323 days till UWC 2011
    Hi Kevin from Jenny in Sydney Oz.
    I've finally started to put down roots here in UU.
    It's a nice place to be with all my uker friends :)
    Hey Kevin, this is Derik. I've made it to UU finally. Just wanted to say Hi and it was great to see you last weekend!! See ya, dpg
    Hey, do you know of any meet ups going on soon in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton areas? I would love to meet with some local uke players and Sukie said you might know! :)
    Thanks for another terrific weekend! I had such a great time hanging out with you, and thank you for helping me out with everything for the house - Andrew emailed me nice things today, so you should be getting your $ back soon!
    Hey, JKevin! What a terrific weekend. Many, many thanks for everything. I hope "Mr. Daisy Lane" gave you back all the deposit. Have you heard from him? I won $67 at the casino on the way home!!! Life is good. So good to see you. June seems a long way away.
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