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  • Just wrote you a message i copied it to fb messinger since your box is full....hope you are well...
    Glad you liked it!! I'm happy with it, though it was really a learning experience...
    Hey John- your inbox is totally full- seems to be a recurring thing :) Anyway, yeah, I knew it was the Canary video uke- sounds like a cracker! Still want a couple of pics before I chomp. Could you take a few of the neck in your hand if possible? Just want to see what the neck looks like in comparison to my 24 (already hard for at least me to play) and one of the pot-
    Still totally game on this end- cheers
    Hi John,

    Your PM mailbox is full...

    Thought I might ask you. I finishing a restoration on this Gibson UB Trapdoor and I find that I am missing two nuts of the 20 that are needed. Might you have some spares to sell or could you possibly direct me to a source. I fitted two that I had in my spare parts kit but they aren't the same and it's killing me that they don't match. Here a shot of the hardware...

    The pile of lug nuts in the at 11 o'clock in the photo only has 18 of the twenty.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Mike Kaplan
    Aloha Jon or John - not sure which spelling you prefer.
    Thanks so much for being friends on UU - so happy to connect with you.
    And thanks too for your kind words re our little video.
    Cheers to you :)
    Jenny in Sydney Oz.
    I hate to jump on the other fella's deal, but how much would you be selling your banjo uke for? Maybe if it's the right price and he's not interested anymore... :)
    Thanks for the friend request! An honor and a pleasure!

    Hi John. apologies mate, I wiped your postal address accidentally. Just had a couple of CDs packaged up to send over. Could you please forward it on again? Thanks mate. Oh, your PM box is full too!!!
    Hey, thanks for the link! Sadly, I still haven't gotten either of my ukes back from the luthier, and I had to retire one, so I'm down to a soprano. The luthier has pretty much ignored my ukes do to having better paying projects to finish.
    Since 1979, but there have been stretches where I stopped and had to work back up. How about you?

    Yes - would be great to play. I'm around - give me a shout on 917/693-4290 - I'm John. What kind of music do you play?
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