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  • Hi KP! Been away from UU for months, but thanks for the Christmas greeting! Hope yours was great and the year has started off well for you and the family. :) I've gotta get back to practicing my poor uke...I've neglected her for about 6 months now :(
    well. got c chord and g7 chord. c is easy g7 is improving. sounds great and beginning to become addicted to playing in free time
    uke came today in the mail. Set up perfectly and already am figuring it out. Its a really neat instrument
    hey! sorry i haven't been on for a while, hope your christmas was merry and your new years happy :)
    haven't started uke lessons since I am getting my first and cool that you are engineer I want to do that but trying to pick a field of it in 4 years.
    well my lessons are from a guy who does it independantly whos name is Jeremy Morris and I have been play bass since about august 2009
    Hey there, KP

    I am not seeing your name on the UWC roster. So this is the first of 3 badgering messages to say, "we'd love to see ya - why not come down?" Even if you just made it for 1 night, it'd be worth the ride.

    Hope you're doing well and loving life.
    so how long have you been playin ukulele? mine I just can't wait for it to come. Hopefully before Tuesday or on Tuesday so then I can start my lessons on it.
    It would be sweet if it comes by friday but I hope it will be in sometime soon just depends on the weather because its usps ground. it will be late this week or early next week I hope. I just can't wait to get to get the package. It feels like Christmas just after Christmas.
    i am hoping to purchase the kala tomorrow or sometime this week. The thing that my friend and parents think I am getting one because my friend got one. I wanted one for a while since i watched an episode of spongebob that had it in it and they go with bass whichbis perfect and they are easier to travel with and carry around. wow the windchill on the news said -9 degrees F. got a lot of snow and winterweather.
    A uke club would be awesome to start. I once googled ukulele stores or something that had ukulele in Michigan that actually said that it is more popular than people think that it is in Michigan and it helps in the bad economy with stress and things like that. I have been wondering about that if a Kala is better than a Mitchell because they thought that from a picture I showed them that it didn't look so good. MGM is amazing though and I emailed and asked him about quality and sound and he said it won't break unless abused which when you buy things with your own money you take better care of them. I can't wait to buy online and wait for it in the mail. It's normally just for the Ukulele itself $130.00 but the pack from MGM comes with a case, tuner, and he puts aquilas on it
    Always would be cool to just be able to talk about ukes on here and stuff like that and stuff in Michigan
    Yeah that'd be sweet but I don't even own one and I am only like 14 and I have no clue if my parents would let me. I think I'm going to get a Kala KA C Mahogany Ukulele from MGM. My best friend is learning ukulele because they got a Mitchell for Christmas. I am doing Bass guitar and I feel confident where I am to when I get my ukulele to go on my own on. I wish I'd be able take up that jam time but I want to when I get good make videos with my friend and post them on a site like this or on youtube. Cool to know theres someone in the area playing ukulele
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