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  • Any pictures of your CR yet? I need to live vicariously for a while longer :)
    I would love to see pics. My email addy is gary dot yosh at gmail dot com

    I live about 35 minutes away from his shop so I got to go down and pick the wood for my custom (I also took his build class last October). He taught me how to "tap test" and then turned me loose on a stack of boards for tops. I ended up going with an adirondack spruce top because it sounded so good. When I showed Rick my choice, he laughed and had me look on the side where he had written "save this top for RT." I picked the top he had set aside for himself, and now it's going to be mine :). Back and sides are going to be cherry, mahogany neck w/ebony fretboard; the top will be sprayed black w/abalone purfling and white binding around the body and peghead.

    Take care and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics,

    I got her a few months back. She is BANGING! I swear, Rick's ukulele really do sound better than ALL of the K brands... It looks ridiculous. Send me your email and I'll shoot you a few pics:)
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