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  • Thanks for the tips about the forum, Ken. I appreciate it. Keep strumming and maybe one day we'll see you in Oz?
    Hi Ken, Good to see you here at UU. I joined up a while ago but have only started posting recently. I like the style and feel of the place, it seems more 'moderated' than some other boards.
    Anyway just popped in to say 'hello. Hope you're well.
    - Terry
    g'day Ken, just wanted to stop by and say what an inspiration you are to me and so many of us here on the UU. Your playing is sublime and your interpretations of these old folk songs leave me shaking my head. You are a blessing to the uke community brother, please don't stop what you're doing anytime soon! :)
    Hi Ken~ just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your e-books and reviews. My Ohana Sopranino arrived yesterday, and I'm very pleased with it. Your review on YouTube was excellent! Thank you.

    Thanks for your message. :)
    Thanks for being such a good sport about letting Russ zing you so much in such a short time span. You know we only do it because think you're awesome. :)
    Thanks for your thoughts on the Ohana PK-25G. I got one today and not only is it beautiful, it sounds and plays great!
    Hey, Ken.
    I downloaded the music for Old Joe Clark from your Mediafire account. I don't read music, but have been a Bluegrass music fan for decades. Met Bill Monroe and Lester Flatt, just naming a couple.
    Stay cool...
    Aloha and Howzit Ken,
    jus wondering when the results on the Aquilla's nylguts and bionylon will be available???
    sorry forthe persistance, Stan....
    Hi Ken - today's the day - I found my way around UU!
    Good to meet you here, I even found myself a group for folks with an Ohana :)
    Awesome stuff! I'll have to watch your fingers closely on the vid, but that hymn tune book sounds like a great idea! Keep doing what you do, it's really helpful for us newbies.
    Hi Ken,

    I somehow stumbled on your youtube video review on the Bruko No.6 and I couldn't resist so I went out and bought a No. 4 cos it's affordable and made in Germany! Anyway, I loved your rendition of the Old Rugged Cross in that video, I was wondering if you had a tab for your version of that old hymn - one of my favs.


    Hi Ken, hope you don't mind me picking your brains... I was wondering what the comparison was between the Ohana kala woods and mahogany. More specifically I own a SK-35G but keep getting tempted by the CK-350g. As I've never played one though and do not have access I was hoping you would be able to shed some light on the differences in sound.
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