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  • Hi Keonepax. You and your music are awesome. Thank you for sharing that with me and the world. Do you ever share your chords? I would be so grateful for you Chicago - Happy Man if you were open to that. In any event, aloha!
    PaxJohn: you're videos rock out on many levels. Your video editing, green screen and sound are impeccable, and the quality makes your vids so much fun to watch. And, your combination of picking and strumming--along with unique song selections--is the bomb! So, all in all, I truly enjoy every one of your youtube videos. Hope to meet you someday. --Steve coolkayaker. P.S. You know you "made it" in videoland when Bosko and Honey knock on your door. You da man, John!
    "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve"

    For some reason I have always remembered that mantra from reading it on my dad's 1941 class ring. I was probably 10 years old when I saw it and have never forgotten it.

    I taught out there too. I was teaching at some of the largest corps/govt agencies in Japan. I was recruited there out of MBA school. It was perfect since I had wrote a thesis on the then popular "Theory Z" so I was able to learn a lot about Japanese business practices.

    Don't get out there often at all. The last time I was there might have been five or six years ago.


    What do you do in Yokohama? I lived in Yokkaichi and Meguro a long, long time ago.

    Are you a McKinley grad? I see you wearing the shirt sometimes in your video. I'm a Castle 78.
    Hi John, thanks for the helpful hint to eliminate the wind sound and still have just the nice sound of waves. I'll try it.
    I hope to make a "Musical Postcard" of the autumn leaves... they are just starting to change around here, in a couple of weeks they will be beautiful!
    Happy strumming! ~Mahalo. Deb
    Hi John, I was playing ukulele ON/at the beach ;) It was at Ocracoke, Island-North Carolina. Unfortunately the video was too windy sounding so didn't turn out that great.
    I over dubbed it but that wasn't very good either but I'll let you hear it anyway...please don't judge it too much...I've improved a lot since then and have a better sounding ukulele.
    I wanted to say thank you for your youtube videos-they have always been very helpful and inspiring to me.
    All the best to you. Your Friend, Deb
    John, I'm so bummed about your youtube channel!!! I can't believe it! I hope you are able to re-start a new channel, I adore your videos!!! All that hard work!! :( Take care my friend!!

    Howzit Keone? Just saw your Overjoyed vid. Was awsome. Just wondering what took you to Japan? I also like your vids with Sam.
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