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  • Yes, it's the standard Mele soprano. No, I've not posted a review of it, mostly because I have not played it much. I bought it as a travel uke and have not yet traveled with it.
    Very small, very light, and very well made. Good sustain, but not very loud.

    I hated the original strings, so changed those out.

    Overall, I'd give it a 7/10, up to 9/10 for a uke I can travel with. :)
    It's a violin-SHAPED ukulele. It's a ukulele with a weird shape to it.

    But I think it's neat. I wanted one the first time I saw a picture/painting of one
    on the cover of Roy Sakuma's Chord book.

    Then I found out that one had been crafted for one of the Hawaiian Kings and
    was on display (sometimes) at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.

    Then I discovered that Tangi Ukuleles had several models for sale. I bought one
    from Tangi personally when I was in Honolulu a few years back. It's soprano-size
    but Concert-scale. PERFECT for me. And it fit into a soprano case as well!

    About the only complaint I have is that the sharp/pointy mid-sections dig into
    my mid-section! It's not that bad, but I can feel it.

    I hope that answers your inquiry. :)

    keep uke'in',
    Hey khairijamian! Awesome! I actually lived in Malaysia for 3 years. :) Whereabouts Malaysia are you from?
    Hey, I JUST got the Bruko No 6, which I assume has those Pyramid brand strings I read about. I'll probably try the Worth Browns on it, as Ken Middleton recommended in his excellent review.
    I will be build more soprano koa ukes in the future, but I don't have a firm date or time when this will happen. Keep watching this site. Thanks.
    S1... I think. I'm not very technical or knowledgeable about uke types... if it has 4 strings I'll play it! haha
    hello khairjamian, I watched your video and really enjoyed it. I am interested in MUG because i like to play ukulele and i am also a language student who learned for one year bahasa indonesia and melayu. I want to be able to play the song from your commercial and am wondering if you have lyrics in bahasa for other songs which will help my learning. terima kasih!
    hi khairijamian, my email is Write to me if your interested in the S1, and I'll send some picts. Bought it about six months ago and just don't play it enough. It is a good ukulele, and the quality is what you'd expect from Martin... great. Definitely much better than the S0. The thing I like most about it is the intonation is perfect all the way up the neck, and the action at the nut is relatively low which makes chording Bb and Bb7s way easy!
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