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  • Hey, Colin and I are heading out to Anaheim January 19 thru 23rd for NAMM. If you live close you should come see us. We will be staying in Huntington Beach for the first few days then staying in Anaheim. We will be hanging out with a bunch of other uu people. Let me know if your interested. We can give you exact details later when it gets closer.
    Aldrine's scheduled to be in California the end of May in Huntington Beach. We're working on getting him to Encinitas. Ric
    He didn't fall for it!!! Haha! I had to charge my phone so I carried it to the car and tried to act sly and sip it as I went. He fell for it for about 5 seconds before he told me "Ok, who drank my first one?" Haha! It was great meeting you too! So much fun! Can't wait until my next uke get-away!
    Hey, good to hear from you. Yeah, that meeting doesn't sound good. I'm sure you will find something quickly if something bad happens.

    Our Governor is announcing huge budget cuts in our State the past two weeks. Since I have a State job we are waiting to hear how it will affect us. My supervisor just resigned last week. It was funny because she was our directors golden child, lol. The director wasn't happy and started treating her like dirt. I sat back and enjoyed the show, lol.

    I've been applying for jobs in other States, but I don't think they want to pay out money for moving expenses. I recently applied for a database job located in Phoenix, which I was certain I would get, but never heard back from them. :(
    I know I shouldn't be complaining but..due to all our holiday leave, administration leave, my hours being cut, and now we have two days off because of the weather...I'm SO bored. :(

    I feel like Jack Torrance from the Shining. Redrum...Redrum. o_O

    LOL...anyways. Christmas was pretty good, but couldn't do too much because of lack of funds. I'm still looking for work. How is the job market out there, still bleak?
    I've been looking for a good job since I graduated college (almost 5 years now, lol). Still no luck. I have a state job right now, and when they cut my hours I was put on "re-employment" status - which means if I apply for another state job I'm qualified for, they have to interview me no matter what. Well...they haven't been following that rule either. :(

    I was try to find a job in another state, but I've been having no luck with that either. I figure I will just go live down at the homeless shelter and play uke for food money. On the brighter side, we just got a lot of snow!
    Well I hope to see some new videos from ya. I got my hours cut at work, so I'm looking for a new job (economy has hit us here as well). I've been trying to write songs to keep me busy. Are you still at your programming job?
    howdy there. sorry for the late reply. i bought friction tuners from the mainland ukes website. they are easy to install and turn nice and smooth compared to some other friction tuners i've used. catch me on AIM if you have any other questions. i'm happy to share what little i know :)
    Thank you for the compliment on my profile pic. You have a couple GORGEOUS ukeleles there! I enjoyed looking at the photos!
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