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  • Love your electrics man.. I recognise the Risa's and the eleuke. But the strat looking thing baffles me. What is that?
    what is the foremost ukulele in your signiture??? it's one cutaway from being a gibson sg shape and looks awesome!!! =D
    Hi. I saw the image in your signature, and there are some pretty cool looking ukes there! Would you mind sharing what you are playing? Your electrics are probably out of my price range for now, but I like your style!
    I emptied my inbox...sorry bout that.....I will have to look into shipping costs...It may be more than the uke is worth??? I tried getting a quote from UPS from Tenn to Melbourne just to get a ballpark figure & it quoted me at 197 USD!!!!!!!.....LOL....That cant be right
    wicked, I had a look, also found a complete face pikachu balaclava which looks like its used for armed robery, and a pikachu fetish suit made by some pikachu fanatic. LOL Is nothing innocent anymore??
    what kinds are there to purchase. I searched online but didn't find all that much info that was helpful. And I'd like to stick with wood, but I realize that they cost as much as an ohana or kala... or a fluke :D I wouldn't put that much money in it until I'm serious about it. What sort of material would you recommend? Ceramic vs Wood advantage? I know ceramics break real easy if you drop it... but sound wise, do they all pretty much sound the same?
    Hey Kissing,

    I was planning on buying a Ocarina... and I searched the undergrounds to see who played, an you came up. Congradulations ! :D

    Any tips or ... uhh tricks to buying and playing the instrument? I would like to get one made of wood... or would you have a better suggestion?

    Thanks Kissing
    Hi there,

    Since you helped me pick out my uke, I thought I'd just drop you a little thank you here ^^

    I ended up getting the KA-TEME3 from MGM (he dropped the price to $199 with free shipping too!) and I'm very happy with it! As a matter of fact.. I'm holding him right now :p


    Thanks for all your help!

    Just checking because I'm a little unclear on things...

    the cordoba is a solid top but the Kala KA-TE is not.

    WEll you saw the topic I made, But that Ohana in your video has now caught my eye. Trying to choose a first uke is hard Dx
    Hallo Sam! Its Skye from ToN, Your videos have infected me with Ukelove. I havent bought one yet, but I'm saving!
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