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  • Re SOTU TSUM: Kurt if your in could you look at travel times and routes from Tristates to Nazareth Pa.

    Seasons Tristate Regional Ukulele Meet -Eureka!
    I always enjoy your posts. Is Lena's still in business? Barista! What a great job!
    Hey Kurt,

    Did you have your surgery already? Are you on the mend? I haven't been playing at all this year because I've been really busy with school (I used to at least play during my lunch) but hopefully I'll get back in the groove soon. I'm stalled at beginner level, but oh well. I still have fun. Hope you're doing well.

    Just popping over to say hi!! Hope that all is well... My fingers hurt today from all my drill practicing... good stuff on the UU+ From Craig Chee. I really enjoyed it! Talk to you soon
    Aloha Kurt,
    Yes yes...the fireworks was banned here from all the sparklers and stuff...you only could get a 5000 firecracker permit for 25.00... it was really
    a quiet night..you would have guessed it was New Years...but at 5 to midnight ten minuetes ago...hell broke loose and everybody lit up their stash
    black market fireworks..it lasted for 15 minuetes... he he... why do they make laws they have no control of is way beyond me...Yes I hope you
    had a Happy New Years nite with your family too...Your friend, Stan Talk to you soon..... Yes me too...every morning I get up I cherish on this
    earth...Have a Great day buddy.....may 2012 be a great year for all of us in every way.....and remember the ones we lost last year and the past.
    Hi Kurt,
    I agree with you about not wanting to connect anywhere via Facebook. I have a FB page, but I post almost nothing on it. I read political blogs and sometimes I have pithy comments to add, but I won't do so if it involves registering via FB.

    It must be the caffeine that keeps your mind clear. I should drink more coffee.
    Hey Kurt,

    Really glad I got to meet you. Wish I could have stayed a bit longer but I promised my son I would be home in time to read to him before bedtime (I'm obsessed, but I still have priorities :eek:). Maybe on your next trip out we can organize a UU get together or meet up to play like you said. Hopefully by then I'll have some tunes under my belt. Have a safe trip home. If you're not flying out until night time on Saturday and you're not too busy there's an event at the Wesley Methodist Church in Japantown (Aki-matsuri - Fall Festival) and Rodney Takahashi of Ukulele Jams will be playing along with his students. I'm not sure when it starts, you'd have to google it. Anyhow, have a safe trip home and I'll talk to you in threads.

    Take care,

    Congratulations on your Sceptre! I must have been at Smiley's place right after you posted about the Pineapple Sunday because as I stared at his wall and saw the open space with the "Sceptre" tag and the pineapple hanging next to it, I had a moment of serious deja vu. How'd you find his place coming from NY?
    I work in Bennington. I commute from Johnsonville. I too worked as a firefighter, then as a paramedic. I trained in Los Angles and then worked in Las Vegas. I then moved to the Saranac Lake area before moving to where I am at presently. I will go back to the Moon and River when I can find the time. Too many things going on right now.


    It is real easy to get there! Go out the Mass Pike, and take the Lee exit (Where the Prime Outlets are). head South (I think it is Route 102). This road will soon merge with Rte 7 south. Follow the signs to Great Barrington. When you get into downtown Great Barrington, turn Left after you cross the bridge. Head south for 7 miles to Sheffield. magic Fluke is at 292 S. Main St, on the right side. So far, no sign in front of the buildling - but they're working on it.

    I had almost emailed to see if you wanted to go with me last Wednesday, but I realized Nancy would be a little ticked that I went without her - and she'd have been livid if I brought anyone else!

    Just so you know, Beth who works at Fluke used to live in Schenectady - she'd had a band for a while, and her bass player was Ray Jung, who teaches Bass at Drome Sound.

    Small World, huh?

    My boys send special thanks for letting them borrow your Beatles Anthology! They are so excited and treating the books like hand blown glass. (they say it's old and special it was printed in the 80s) They crack me up!
    My daughter is also debating which tune to attempt on the violin and flute..
    Ha ha.. Just read your comment and in fear of getting another don't hijack another thread message... He he.. I came to your wall!! I hear you!! I am nervous to play with my family home (but they are meaner than the you tube critics) and sometimes I just don't play when they are home... if I play I definitely don't sing...
    Thanks though... I am glad to know we are ALL human!
    Well, it's okay...

    There are a lot of songs i here that I've already gotten, from Chordie and Dr. Uke. The arrangements aren't bad. Chord diagrams at the top of the page, then melody line with chord names.

    I could let you borrow it, and then decide if you want to buy it.
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